Hello there! My name is Nina and I’m from Bulgaria. I’ll tell you something about me in a few words. I love to work on the internet, I’ve been advertising and photographing for 12 years and it’s my hobby. I love to make interesting photos, videos and now I’ll start with my blog. I want to share more about me and about my life, what I like, that’s why I decided to make this blog.


 I love different kinds of high heels, fashion and music, I love to visit different places in nature! Those things you can find there. I love all types of music, so I think you will find something for you. 🙂 What else? I love sexy and leather outfits and high heels, so if you are a woman and like these things – I hope that it will be helpful!

If you are a male and love to watch sexy girls – this is your place! If you love the sea, mountains, dums, caves, forest, all the seasons and more from the nature – I’ll show in my blog the most wonderful places for me.  I’ll share different things and moments and I hope it will be interesting for you! I am waiting for all of you – tubebubble, it will be awesome to speak together and share some ideas! I’m waiting for you,  for a lot of joy and full of smiles! :)))